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You know that police cars have cameras. But, have you ever wondered when or how DUI videos that the dash cam captures can hurt or even help your case?

If so, this post is for you.

DUI Video Evidence Basics

Most Georgia Police cruisers are equipped with at least 1 video camera. If you are stopped and the police officer suspects you of drunk driving, remember that you are being filmed and act accordingly. Usually the camera automatically turns on when the police officer turns on his emergency lights. Everything is recorded from then on.

If you are confrontational, aggressive, and having trouble standing the state will argue that behavior is evidence that you are impaired or intoxicated. On the other hand, if the DUI video shows you are polite, not slurring your words, and generally don’t look drunk, your attorney will argue that you weren’t intoxicated.

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Challenging Your Arrest

DUI Videos that show you driving safely and able to pass the field sobriety tests is a huge benefit to your defense. Your attorney can use the video evidence to show the prosecutor and the jury that you weren’t intoxicated. Your charges may be dismissed or you may be found not guilty of DUI.

Sometimes There Isn’t a Video

You and I both know that technology doesn’t always work. Sometimes the video of your driving and arrest is lost

  • Many times that is due to the technology not working. Either the camera didn’t start recording or the video itself did not get saved
  • Other times (and more frequently than should be tolerated) the police officer may purposefully erase the video before you or your attorney an see it. They usually claim that it was an accident or that the server didn’t download the video.

It is odd that this often only happens to DUI videos where the defendant didn’t show signs of intoxication.

In Georgia, the prosecutors and police are required to turn over any evidence that would be beneficial to the defendant. If the video is lost or destroyed, I can argue to the jury that the video would have showed you were driving safely, passed the field sobriety tests, or that your speech wasn’t slurred. This can result in a not guilty verdict.

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