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Civil Asset ForfeitureCivil Asset Forefeiture


A local news station in Atlanta, 11Alive, reported a story about a man who was stopped on I-75 for following too close and failure to use a turn signal. During the stop, the police officer asked if he could search the man’s vehicle. The man consented and the search revealed $245,000. The police used the civil forfeiture law to seize the money and the man was released after being issued tickets.

What did the man do wrong?

The short answer: he shouldn’t have talked to the officer nor should he have consented to the police officer searching his car.  He probably would have gotten the tickets and would have been on his way to his intend destination.

So what is civil asset forfeiture?

This is a law that allows law enforcement agencies to seize property that is suspected to be connected to a crime. In effect, this allows police to take property from people accused of crimes even before they were convicted. Georgia civil asset forfeiture laws are some of the most biased against citizens property rights in the United States.

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John Oliver on his HBO show Last Week Tonight did a segment about this topic a few months ago.

Civil Asset Forfeiture is a situation that is often abused. In June 2015, the Fulton County Dictrict Attorney, Paul Howard was accused of spending around $300,000 of seized assets on personal dinners out, tickets to concerts and sporting events, and a home security system. See the full article here.

In July 2015, new legislation went into effect in Georgia that will limit some of the ability for civil asset forfeiture. Click here for more information.