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What Can I Do To Help My Kennesaw DUI Attorney Defend My Case?

After you are arrested for DUI in Georgia, there are several key tasks you can complete in order to gather useful evidence for defending your DUI case:

  1. Obtain a copy of your 7-year driving history from the Georgia State Patrol and a copy of your criminal history from the Georgia Criminal Information Center. This information will be helpful to your Kennesaw DUI attorney when it comes to advising you of the best defense strategies to use in your DUI case in Kennesaw Municipal Court.
  2. Photograph the scene of your arrest. Photographic evidence can prove incredibly useful when fighting a driving under the influence charge. Photos of the scene of your arrest can serve as evidence of any sort of discrepancies in the police report about the incident. It can also help to discredit the validity of the results of any field sobriety tests you submitted to. Photographs can reveal rocks or other obstructions on the ground that could have caused you to fail a field sobriety test that required steady balance.
  3. Attend DUI School. If this is your first DUI charge, completing DUI School of your own accord will present you in a very positive light to the judge or the jury. A DUI school certificate can also prove very useful in your administrative license suspension hearing before your criminal trial. It can convince a judge or a jury that you feel remorse and that you have learned from your arrest for driving under the influence and chosen to better yourself, as a result.
  4. Submit an administrative license suspension (ALS) appeal. You have ten business days following your arrest to submit an appeal to the Georgia Department of Driver Services. If you fail to submit your appeal and the attached fine within those 10 business days, you will automatically lose your driver’s license for an entire year. If brought onto your case early enough, your Kennesaw DUI attorney can submit the appeal on your behalf.

Can My Kennesaw DUI Attorney Challenge The Results Of My Handheld Breathalyzer Test In Kennesaw Municipal Court?

The Alcosensor is the handheld breath analyzer use by law enforcement officers in Georgia. It is much less accurate than the state-administered breath test machine, called the Intoxilyzer 9000. Agreeing to the handheld test at the scene of your suspected DUI could be to your advantage if you are sober or have only consumed one or two drinks. The Alcosensor test is so unreliable that the results are actually only admissible in court as either a positive or negative, indicating whether or not there is alcohol present in your system.

The results are not permitted as a numerical result. Results from the Alcosensor breath analyzer device are much easier for your Kennesaw DUI attorney to challenge and categorize as inadmissible evidence than results from the state-administered Intoxilyzer 9000 breath analyzer, due to the Alcosensor’s history of very high levels of inaccuracy.

A Kennesaw DUI attorney that defends DUI cases in Kennesaw Municipal court and Cobb County State Court can help you keep your job, save your driver’s license, and make sure you stay out of jail!

Having an attorney that knows how court and the law works is necessary to protect your rights. If you are arrested in Kennesaw or Cobb County, hiring a Kennesaw DUI attorney that knows what to do to win cases in Kennesaw or Cobb County. Block Law has years of experience defending DUI cases in Kennesaw area courts. Call (770) 387-4529 for a free consultation or for more information!

Kennesaw Municipal Court:

Chief Judge: Phillip P. Taylor
Associate Judges:

  • Joan Vaughan Bloom
  • Joel H. Siegel
  • Donald W. Singleton

Clerk: Linda Johnson

Prosecutor: Randall Bentley

Court location:
City of Kennesaw Municipal Court
2529 Jo Stephenson Avenue
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Phone: (770) 429-4531

Cobb County Probate Court:

Judge: Kelli Wolk
Associate Judge: Rhiannon Brusco
Clerk: (770) 528-1900

Court Location:
32 Waddell Street
Marietta, GA 30090
Phone: (770) 528-1900

Cobb County State Court:


  • Eric Brewton
  • Carl Bowers
  • Bridgette Campbell
  • Melodie Clayton
  • David P. Darden
  • Jason B. Fincher
  • Irma Glover
  • Maria Golick
  • Marsha S. Lake
  • Toby Prodgers
  • Kathryn J. Tanksley
  • Henry R. Thompson

Clerk: Angie T. Davis
Solicitor General: Barry Morgan

Court Location:
12 E Park Square
Marietta, GA 30090
Phone: (770) 528-1200

Nearby county and municipal courts:

A knowledgeable Kennesaw DUI Attorney can help you keep your driver’s license, protect your reputation, and keep you out of jail for a DUI Conviction. You should hire a lawyer soon after your DUI arrest. This will give him the most time to investigate the facts and potential defenses of your DUI case. It is my experience that you can win a DUI case in Kennesaw or Cobb County, but you need to be as ready as possible.

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