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In the words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast my friend”.DUI Lawyer Block Law


You made one mistake but you don’t need to make another one by just pleading guilty to your charge.  Very often when people walk into my office they wonder if they even need to hire a DUI lawyer to help them out. “I was driving under the influence,” they think to themselves. “Isn’t it the right thing to do to plead guilty and accept my punishment?”


I tell them the same thing every time – “NO!”



And there are 3 reasons why.


If you plead guilty to a DUI charge you may end up with worse punishment.

By going to court and pleading guilty you are throwing yourself at the mercy of the court.  The prosecutor can make a recommendation for a sentence far harsher than the minimums.  For more information regarding punishments for a first DUI conviction click here, for a second DUI conviction click here, and a third DUI Conviction click here.

By pleading not guilty to a DUI charge you give yourself an opportunity to negotiate with the prosecutor for an agreed upon sentence.  This allows you to plan for what the punishment is. It is also how the criminal justice system is set up.

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Just because you plead not guilty to a DUI charge doesn’t mean you think you are innocent.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “that’s all right, but I know I was drinking. I shouldn’t lie. I deserve whatever punishment I get.”

First, it doesn’t mean that you are lying to the court. It only means that you want the state of Georgia to have to prove the case against you.

It’s important to understand that in a court case there is truth of what happened and the truth of what the state can prove against you.  The prosecutor’s job is to paint a bad picture of you to justify the harsh punishment they are requesting against you. My job as a DUI lawyer is to show their version of the “truth” isn’t what really happened.

When you enter a not guilty plea you are only telling the judge that you want the prosecutor to do his job.

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You may be able to get out of trouble (or at least reduce the amount of trouble you are in) for a DUI.

Going back to my job as a DUI lawyer.  One of the things I do is investigate every case.  I look for the problems in the state’s version. I make sure that the police followed all the procedures they were supposed to.  Some cases look pretty bad in the beginning.  After an independent investigation, those cases may look different. I’ll use the results of that investigation to get a better resolution of your case or to show that you are in fact not guilty of DUI.

The big idea is every case is different. You shouldn’t plead guilty until your case has been properly and thoroughly investigated by a DUI lawyer.


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