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Why was I charged with DUI? I only smoked one hit!

Generally, DUIs involving alcohol are the majority of cases that are charged. The police can charge you with “DUI Drugs” if you were taking illegal drugs or even your own prescription medications. I discuss that in more depth here. The police officer can also charge you with a DUI for any combination of alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications if that officer feel that your driving was impaired.

Often, if the Officer finds evidence of marijuana (or other drug) use coupled with alcohol they will charge “DUI Drugs/Alcohol” These types of cases are on the rise.

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So what is the evidence of drug use?

In most cases, drivers get chatty and admit to drug use.

Other evidence could be from a blood or urine test.

People are sometimes charged with DUI drugs on multiple occasions even though they only used that drug 1 time. This is because each drug stays in your system for a different length of time. Some drugs are out of your system within a few hours. Others take days. Still others could take weeks to not show up on a drug test.

Defending these cases is not any harder than defending a DUI alcohol case but it is different. When drugs are involved, the case is usually pretty complicated. I use my expertise of the law along with a full investigation of your case to get you the best possible outcome.

A DUI drugs case may not have any physical evidence.

A breath test will only show alcohol and the police are reluctant to administer a blood test due to cost. Often the police will rely only on someone’s admission or statement about their drug use. They will couple that with the results of field sobriety tests to try to show that the admitted drug use made the person unable to drive safely.

Hiring an attorney is important because I may be able to keep your statement out of court. I discuss other important reasons to hire an attorney here.

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