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Acworth DUI Attorney

Do you have an Acworth DUI attorney with experience in dealing with DUI cases in Acworth City Court, Bartow County Superior Court,Paulding County Superior Court, Cherokee County State Court, or Cobb County State Court?

Due to where Acworth is located, with parts in 4 different counties, it is important to have a lawyer that knows how court works depending on where you are arrested for DUI. If you were arrested in Acworthit is very beneficial to have an Acworth DUI attorney that knows what to expect and how to win cases in any part of Acworth. Block Law has years of experience dealing with the different courts and prosecutors in and around Acworth, Bartow County, Cherokee County, Cobb County, and Paulding County .

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Acworth Municipal Court:

Judge:  Philip Taylor
Associate Judges:
Joan Bloom
H. Luke Mayes
Clerk: Misty Day
Prosecutor:  Randall Bentley

Court location:
4408 Acworth Industrial Drive
Acworth, GA 30101
Phone:  (770) 974-0965
Bartow County Probate Court
Judge:  Mitchell Scoggins
Clerk:  Rhonda Clark
Prosecutor:  Brandon Bowen

Court Location:
135 W. Cherokee Ave
Suite 243A
Cartersville, Georgia 30120
Phone:  770-387-5075

Bartow County Superior Court:

Chief Judge: David Smith
Judge:  Carey Nelson
Judge:  Scott Smith
Judge:  Suzanne Smith
Clerk:  Melba Scoggins
District Attorney:  Rosemary Greene

Court Location:

135 W Cherokee Ave
Suite 233
Cartersville, Georgia 30120

Phone:  (770) 387-5025

Cherokee County State Court:

Chief Judge: W. Alan Jordan
Judge: A. Dee Morris
Judge: Michelle L.H. Homier
Clerk: Patty Baker
Solicitor General: Jessica Moss

Court Location:
90 North Street
Canton, GA 30114
Phone: (770) 493-6511
Cherokee County has a dedicated DUI court that you may be eligible for. If you need more information about this, call Block Law at (770) 387-4529 for a free consultation!

Cobb County State Court:


  • Eric Brewton
  • Carl Bowers
  • Bridgette Campbell
  • Melodie Clayton
  • David P. Darden
  • Jason B. Fincher
  • Irma Glover
  • Maria Golick
  • Marsha S. Lake
  • Toby Prodgers
  • Kathryn J. Tanksley
  • Henry R. Thompson

Clerk:  Angie T. Davis
Solicitor General:  Barry Morgan

Court Location:
12 E Park Square
Marietta, GA 30090
Phone:  (770) 528-1200

Paulding County Superior Court:

Tonny S. Beavers
Kenneth G. Vinson
Dean C. Bucci
Clerk:  Treva W. Shelton
District Attorney:  Dick Donovan

Court Location:
12 E Park Square
Marietta, GA 30090
Phone:  (770) 528-1200

Nearby county and municipal courts:

  • Kennesaw Municipal Court
  • Marietta Municipal Court

Block Law Acworth DUI Attorney

A dedicated Acworth DUI Attorney can help you navigate the details of dealing with a DUI charge. Speak to an Acworth DUI attorney shortly after your arrest. This will give him or her the best opportunity to fully investigate your case. It is my experience that DUI cases are winable in Acworth but being prepared make be the difference between winning or losing.

After you get charged with a DUI it is beneficial to speak with an Acworth DUI Attorney as soon as possible. Contact Block Law at (770) 387-4529 for more information about how I can help you or to schedule your free consultation.