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5 different types of DUI involving Alcohol

In Georgia, it is against the law to drive when you are impaired by drugs or alcohol. There are several different categories of drivers and a different legal limit Blood Alcohol Content for each one.

1.  DUI: 0.08%

0.08% is the legal limit for DUI.

The prosecutor will use a breath, urine, or blood test that indicates you had a BAC of 0.08% or more as evidence that you were too impaired to drive a vehicle. Even if you fail a BAC test, it is very important to contact a DUI attorney. There may be some fact about your case that would result in you DUI case being dismissed or the charges being reduced. If the state’s case against you isn’t dismissed or reduced, I may be able to find some other defense.

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2.  Commercial Driver’s License DUI:  0.04%

If you have a CDL and you are charged with a DUI, you may lose your commercial Driver’s License if you are driving a commercial vehicle or even your personal vehicle. The legal limit is half that of a normal DUI. It is very important to hire a DUI attorney if you have a CDL. The prosecutors are attacking your livelihood and job. Hiring a DUI attorney gives you the best opportunity to keep your license and ability to work.

3.  Under 21 DUI:  0.02%

If you are under 21, the legal limit is 0.02%. For most people 1 alcoholic beverage will put you over this reduced legal limit. It is important to fight to have your case dismissed or reduced because a conviction for under 21 DUI counts just the same as any other conviction for DUI on your record. If you are charged with a second DUI in the future, the minimum sentence is more harsh. I talk about 1st DUI penalties here; 2nd DUI penalties here; and 3rd DUI penalties here.

It also may have an impact on your ability to find, keep a job, or get accepted to the school of your choice.

4.  Boating Under the Influence:  0.08%

If you are driving or piloting a boat and you are charged with a BUI, a conviction may have an impact on your driver’s license.

5.  DUI Less Safe:

If the police pull you over for a moving violation and they find evidence of alcohol or drugs through an admission or roadside breath test called an Alco-Sensor, by “failing” field sobriety tests, they may charge you with a DUI even if you do not have a BAC above the legal limit.

DUIs are some of the most complex types of cases. As a DUI Attorney I focus on learning the various aspects of DUI cases. When I get a new case, I immediately start the process of conducting a thorough investigation.

First, I look over the evidence to get to the bottom of what really happened. This gives me that advantage when I talk with the prosecutor. Once I know your case like the back of my hand I will work to get your case resolved by getting the case dismissed or the charges reduced.

No matter what you will know that I am the most prepared person in your case.

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