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3 Things You Need to Know About Standardized Field Sobriety Tests

I am going to let you in on a little secret that the police don’t want you to know.

Here we go: Field sobriety tests are designed and intended to make you fail so miserably that it is easy to prove that you are guilty of drunk driving.

Standardized field sobriety tests are tools the police use to get evidence against you to charge you with DUI. The police spend a large portion of their training on learning how to use the standardized field sobriety tests against you. They are tests that allow an officer to get the necessary probable cause in order to make an arrest.

There is a scientific basis for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) use of the 3 standard field sobriety tests. I go in to further detail about the eye test (HGN) here; the walk and turn here; and the one leg stand here.

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Field sobriety tests are usually given when the police officer already suspects you are driving impaired.

Strike one!

If the officer already thinks you are drunk, he probably will be looking for things to prove he is right.

The tests are given on the side of the road.

Strike two!

The roadside is not the same as the classroom. The road is often not very level, dry, or traffic free. Guess where the officer learned and practiced and practiced and practiced giving and taking the field sobriety tests. You guessed it. The classroom. Where the floor is level, dry, and there weren’t other cars zipping by.

The tests are frequently given at night in Georgia.

Strike three!

More DUI arrest occur at night. At night the police cruiser’s emergency lights and the officer’s flashlight, along with the headlights from passing traffic can be very distracting to people performing the tests.

These 3 strikes show that NHTSA’s field sobriety tests are often given at far less than ideal conditions. The officer already suspects you have been drinking. The physical conditions of the road and any preexisting injuries you may have make performance difficult if not impossible. The various flashing lights and nervousness of dealing with the police are very distracting. All of this adds up to a situation where you are designed to fail.

I have attempted the field sobriety tests sober and cannot complete them.

You need an attorney that is devoting significant time to learning about DUI defense. One who is dedicated to defending the rights of people accused of DUI!

DUI Attorney CartersvilleIf you have been charged with a DUI it is important to contact a DUI attorney as soon as possible. I may see something about how the field sobriety tests were administered that may result in your charges being reduced or dropped altogether. If not dismissed, I still may be able to use that information to get a favorable outcome for you.

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