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3 Common DUI Client Mistakes

1. Talking too much

People often talk too much when they get pulled over. This may result in an arrest when the police officer doesn’t have anything else to go on. Why do you think the police officer’s first question is often “Have you had anything to drink tonight?” If you answer this question, the police officer will likely use your answer as a reason to investigate a DUI further. The officer will ask you to take a breath or blood test and field sobriety tests. I discuss the field sobriety tests here.

When you say anything to the police, you are giving them ammunition to use as a reason to arrest you or at trial for DUI. It is much more difficult to get a favorable outcome if the police have you on video acting like a jerk or making a scene. There are countless videos uploaded to YouTube of people acting up when they are being investigated for DUI. When you make a scene, the officer will remember you and probably won’t help you out any when your case goes to court. The prosecutor may want to please the officer and go hard on you to teach you a lesson. If you would like more information about talking (or not talking) to police click here.

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2. Posting things on Social Media about your arrest or case.

People use Facebook and Twitter as a place to vent frustrations and get things off their chest. Unfortunately, this information may be used against you at a DUI trial. It is best not to post pictures of your drinking habits.

3. Failing to Hire an Attorney that focuses on DUI or BUI Defense.

It is not a good idea to try to do it yourself or hire someone that wrote your will or did your divorce to represent you in your DUI defense. DUI cases and the law surrounding DUI is one of the most complicated areas of the law. If you want more information about why you should hire a DUI attorney, click here. The State is attacking you. Your reputation, money, time, job, and driver’s license are all at stake.


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